Recycling at AD&V®

At AD&V® we make meaningful differences throughout the year to reduce waste, recycle more, recycle right & increase our collective impact to protect the environment. We have implemented new sustainable efforts in our office that minimize waste, maximize resources & benefit our community and our environment.

  • AD&V® made the switch from paper business cards over to digital business cards in order to help reduce waste, save more trees, & reduce our overall carbon footprint.

  • We also added a Tais Borikashi Kit which is a container where we dispose of our food residue and ferment organic matter in order for Tais to be able to process the waste in a compost bin and use it as a soil enhancer. 

  • We added recycling bins so that the AD&V® team is able to recycle magazines, glass, aluminum, plastic #1, and plastic #2. 

  • Additionally, we recollect and give cardboard cup carriers and cardboard tubes to local artists so they can use them for their creations. We give the cup carriers to @pyoint so she can use them as a canvas for her beautiful art, and we give the cardboard tubes to Zuania Muñiz so she can use them to send her incredible photography. 

Other sustainable measures we incorporated into our new offices are:

  • high efficiency LED lighting fixtures

  • Lutron lighting system controls and sensors

  • solar window films to reduce heat gain

  • sound absorption panels made from recycled content

  • energy efficient AHU and controls

  • zero VOC paints

  • fixtures that reduce indoor water use

  • formaldehyde and urea-free adhesives

  • ergonomic furniture that includes standing desks


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